• Do you support MNP?

    Not all countries in the world have implemented MNP, but for those that have we generally support delivery to ported numbers.

  • If I send you my code, can you tell me what to change for it to work?

    In general we do not provide any support on neither third party software nor coding. Most coding questions should be solved by the examples provided with our documentation however. If something is unclear you are always welcome to contact our Support. (http://api.beepsend.com/docs.html)

  • Should I use HTTP or SMPP?

    SMPP is suitable for larger amounts of traffic, but if you’re sending less than 100 000 messages a week, HTTP will be more than sufficient. When you are sending large volumes, SMPP will allow you a higher throughput.

  • What is HTTP and how do I use it?

    As soon as you have verified your account with us you can start sending SMS. This is done through either the customer portal (http://connect.beepsend.com/login) or by using our excellent RESTful API:http://api.beepsend.com/docs.html

  • What is SMPP and how do I use it?

    SMPP is another way of sending sms and it requires you to use a special software, for example Kannel (http://www.kannel.org/). With this software you connect to our servers and can send SMS this way. Please note that we do not offer any kind of support of third party software. Our…

  • Error 255 – Unknown error

    Sometimes we get error codes from our partners that are not standard and/or has not been mapped in our system. If you get this error please contact our support for more information.

  • What is the difference between users and connections in the SMS API?

    A customer (company) can have many users. Users can be different people or departments in a company and a user can have access to different connections which has a SMS price lists and quality. Check out Beepsend’s relationship of the SMS API for users and connection